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Our foundation for overall well-being.

High Paw Pet Supplies is proud to carry Solid Gold in Fairplay, Colorado. Carefully curated superfoods are the foundation of all of our dry food recipes. Packed full of fiber, Omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, these powerful ingredients help support digestion, muscle growth, metabolism and more. Working together, our blend of superfoods help deliver balanced nutrition for your pet to thrive.

Dog Food
  • Dry Dog Food: Wolf KingĀ®, Young at Heartā„¢, Wee Bitā„¢, Wild Heartā„¢, Wolf CubĀ®, Holisitc Adult Dog Food, Mighty Miniā„¢.
  • Wet Dog Food: Mighty Mini, Holisitic Dog Food, Cups, Cans.
  • Supplements: Joint Health, Berry Balanceā„¢, Calming Aid, D-Zymeā„¢, SeaMealā„¢, Skin & Coat, Stop Eating Poop.
Dog Treats
  • Dog Treats: Superfood Chewy Dog Treats.
Cat Food
  • Dry Cat Food: Holistic Cat Food
  • Wet Cat Food: Wholesome Selectsā„¢, Flavorful Feastā„¢, Five Oceansā„¢, Holisitc Delightsā„¢, Purrfect Pairingsā„¢, Tropical Blendzā„¢.
  • Supplements: Berry Balanceā„¢, D-Zymeā„¢, SeaMealā„¢, Hairball Aid.
Come visit our pet supply store in the Fairplay, CO specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.